• 15 gallons of Popcorn for Events - 3 Flavors - Caramel, Kettle, Olive Oil Sea Salt

    $83.00 $77.00

    • This is three giant bags of 5 gallons. Flavors are Caramel, Kettle, and Olive Oil Sea Salt. 

    • Try this amazing product for all occasions! If you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, house warming, graduation, hostess gift, or even a "just because" gift, this tin will please. Makes for an awesome Holiday gift also!

    • An all around snack that everybody loves! It’s America’s favorite Snack. Bring people together by having this at your next party, pantry, kitchen, break room, wedding, BBQ, festival, or social event.

    • A great value - Over 80 servings of popcorn and weighs 30 pounds. 

    • Stays fresh for 8 months unopened and kept at 55F to 75F .  Ship this anywhere in the US.