• 20 Pack - Olive Oil Sea Salt Popcorn - Single Serve Snacks - 1 OZ Each

    $26.00 $23.00

    • Eat this as a snack with friends, family, co-workers, teachers, associates, or anybody.

    • Try this amazing product for lunch, a morning snack,  a lite snack to accompany a meal, a low calorie snack after a workout, put this in your lunch box, or stock the break room. 

    • All GMO free ingredients.  GMO free California Olive Oil, GMO free popcorn, GMO free salt, and GMO free black pepper.  Just 4 ingredients

    • High Fiber, No Sugar, No Gluten, Vegan, A Whole Grain Healthy Snack

    • An all around snack that everybody loves! It’s America’s favorite Snack. Bring people together by having this at your next party, pantry, kitchen, break room, wedding, festival, or social event.

    • A great as a stocking stuffer, snack, in a gift basket ( wholesale inquires please call 8477107789)